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For thousands of years...

...people have used the power of the sun to preserve food in the most natural and efficient way. Fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are all dried in times of plenty and kept for periods of shortage.

Solar Dryers (Pvt) Ltd has built on this time-tested process and further developed the technology of drying food in a simple, hygienic and cost-effective way without the need for preservatives.

The Zimbabwe Solar Dryer 

Our robust and durable dryers were designed inititally for drying fruit and vegetables but subsequently used for drying a wide range of products including fish, meat, grain, mushrooms and even carbon for the mining industry. Prepared produce is laid on trays and placed in the dryer.  Air preheated by the sun is circulated in the dryer over the produce with the aid of a fan driven by a photovoltaic (PV) panel.


Our standard commercial dryers are assembled in 2.4m sections that can be linked in tandem to a length of 9.6m.

The Mini Zimbabwe Solar Dryer 

This is the smallest of our commercial dryers, measuring 2.08m by 0.85m.

The Cat 

The Cat is a small dryer with roughly one square metre drying capacity that uses convection to ensure air movement through the produce.

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