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Using solar energy to dry food is not a new idea but the Zimbabwe Solar Dryer is uniquely designed to ensure that this process takes place as quickly and efficiently as possible. The innovation of the Zimbabwe Solar Dryer's design is the incorporation of a fan, powered by a photovoltaic solar panel. The fan circulates pre-warmed air over the trays of produce and expels moisture from the drying chamber.

The dryers are assembled in 2.4 meter sections, which can be used individually, or in tandem up to an optimum length of 9.6 meters.


Our testing has been extensive and we have achieved exciting results in the drying of numerous fresh fruit and vegetables including mangoes, bananas, tomatoes, apples and leafy vegetables - all of which are grown and eaten within Zimbabwe. With over 2 square meters of drying space in each section of dryer, even the smaller dryers can dry upward of 10kg of heavier fruits such as mangoes in less than 2 days, with leafy vegetables emerging ready for packaging after just a few hours.


The Zimbabwe Dryer has huge potential for small and large-scale producers, entrepreneurs, and households looking to preserve and add value to their crops. NGOs and government departments interested in SME's, hunger and poverty alleviation, gender equality, and youth empowerment will also find the Zimbabwe Dryer a useful tool in numerous projects.


For more information or a demonstration of the Zimbabwe Dryer, please contact us by email on


Dryer Specifications

Please contact us for current pricing.

Example information on drying
Fruit and Vegetables

Notes:  Drying times assume sunny days

Loading density for fruits assume slices of 5mm in thickness

Conversion rates are averages

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